kitesnowboard REVERSE

freestyle freeride twintip snowboard REVERSE



snowkiting plus snowboarding board REVERSE




REVERSE snowkiteboard is true twintip board with reverse camber designed to be excellent choice for snowkiting and snowboarding. Due to rocker, excellent shape and dynamic radius this board has outstanding maneuverability and control whether it be classic or freestyle snowkiting, mountain ride, urban snowboarding or snow park.
Snowkiters will appreciate greatly such board features as colossal grip and edge control, massive pop, balanced flex and of course ripping upwind. At the same time boards outline and radius make REVERSE great also for snowboarding; twintip shape as well rockered tips giving preferences as on slopes as snow parks. 


freestyle freeride twintip snowboard snowkiteboard


Rocker shape and upward bent tips also provide better riding in wet and slushy snow as well as in powder which is equally important in snowkiting and snowboarding. Comparing with conventional snowboards ABoards snow+kite boards have reinforced core and edge stringers that makes them more durable and stronger.

freestyle freeride twintip snowboard snowkiteboard REVERSE

If looking for fun and qualitative time on snow this amazing snowkiting + snowboarding winter board REVERSE definitely will provide it for you!



Riding features of REVERSE:

  Reverse camber for ultimate freestyle / freeride

  Massive pop


Great edge and upwind control

Improved nose and tail pressing

Fun on kickers, rails, pipes and parks

Improved performance and control in deep, wet, slushy snow

Stance 52cm-70cm



Technology features of REVERSE:

Absolute twintip with centered waist

Reverse camber

Dynamic side-cut radius

100% strong wood core with edge stringers

Widened nose and tail shape

Durable anti-scratch bottom cover


Lacquered top sheet


Stance options with 2x6 inserts for every feet

size dimensions of twintip snowboard snowkiteboard REVERSE





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