freeride kiteboard Z-series


freestyle freeride kiteboard Z-series

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Z-series is a high quality kiteboard for those who preferring mix of freestyle and freeride. No matter what kind of water circumstances nature offers you Z-series boards will behave equally good on chop, flat and other conditions. Continuous rocker in combination with bottom concave and hydrodynamic stabilizer strakes will provide fast moving as well high planning ability even in low wind. Special 2-step upwinder tips and outline shape result in excellent upwind as well as provide maneuverability and great control in high speed.



freestyle freeride kiteboard Z-series

Construction and shape of the board including rocker, medium flex and outline shape ensure great balance between flex and pop and make board well-controllable hence suitable for riders of all skill levels. Manufacturing with snowboard technology form the most progressive materials provides for Z-series extra strength and durability. Combination of many brilliant features makes Z-series excellent golden mean between 2 styles. If you are rider who like high jumps, elements of freestyle and freeride then Z-series is kiteboard weapon made for you. 

freestyle freeride kiteboard Z-series
Riding features of Z-series:

freeride/freestyle riding for all skill levels


early planing

easy control

medium flex & balanced pop

perfect upwind


SFLS ANATOMIC with D3O™ for maximum softness and impact protection


  bright and visible in the water


Technology features of Z-series:

3D bottom with hydrodynamic stabilizers

light wood core with integrated anti-stress stringers

outline and geometry for combination of pop and upwind ability

3-stage flex zones

tunnel concave bottom deck

anti-spray cuts

2 step upwinders - extended outline tips

ABS bumper rails

snowboard base technology bottom sheet

durable anti-scratch top&base cover


sizes of freestyle freeride kiteboard Z-series




kiteboarding accessories - pads and straps fins handle

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