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ABoards Kiteboarding team riders


Welcome team riders!




If you like ABoards gear and you are ready to spread a good word about it, you are welcome to become part of our international riders team.



Why? - ABoards Team riders get 30-45% discount to our boards and other products as well as apparels with ABoards logo for free.




What we expect from you?

active support to ABoards with your posts, comments, likes etc. on Facebook, local and international kiteboarding forums, and any other kiteboarding related online place.

  regular photos and/or video materials with your ABoards gear

  when possible you will show and promote your ABoards gear on kite beaches / snow resorts and events and make your gear available for testing when necessary.




Interested? - To become ABoards Kiteboarding team rider please complete Rider & Promoter application form and email it to


team rider and promoter application form






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