light wind school kiteboard Glider


light wind school kiteboard Glider




GLIDER is a dedicated kiteboard for light wind conditions and teaching in kiteschools with great floatation for heavy riders and beginners. This popular light wind / school board takes the best from boards building experience and combines it with improved core and inside stringers as the result there has been launched gear which can surprise even the most demanding light wind riders. Specific shape of the board will allow you to experience high maneuverability and control at various speeds. Untypically light weight of such size board together with bottom shape and rocker ensure quick picking up of speed and ability to make jumps and various tricks while others are sitting on the beach waiting for wind.  Balanced flex and outline provide excellent edging and upwind performance. Manufacturing from the most advanced materials and progressive technology give board maximum strength and durability. 



light wind school kiteboard GliderHigh riding ability in light wind and great school board characteristics have brought to Glider numerous dedicated fans not only between heavy riders and light wind catchers who love to train and kite even in the lightest wind but also among schools in kitesurfing instructors overall the world. For the joy of satisfied students learning and progress on Glider is much more quicker as usually allowing to make 1st steps in kiteboarding without stress and with smile on face. And the bright design always helps to find the board if it happens to lose it, as well as find you from the shore if you have ridden far from it.

If you looking for kiteboard who will keep you on water while others are staying on shore or just came in Kitesurfing world and want fast progression Glider definitely is board for you! 

light wind school kiteboard Glider

Riding features of GLIDER:

stability and control

early planning

outmost upwind performance

easy maneuvering

great floatation for heavy riders and beginners


comfortable and relaxed riding

bright and visible in the water



Technology features of GLIDER:

specific shape for maximum upwind

reasonable light weight

reinforced wood core for strength and durability

3-stage flex

multidirectional flex at tips

anti-spray cuts

glossy top sheet finishing

durable anti-scratch cover

ABS bumper rails


3 stance positions






kiteboarding accessories - pads and straps fins handle

photos of light wind school kiteboard Glider

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