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all round kiteboard Flip

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FLIP is a versatile all-round kiteboard for various riding conditions and for riders of all skill levels. Tuned outline, medium rocker, flex, shape and tunnel concave bottom deck ensure very good edge control and upwind potential as well as make board work well in chop and light wind. FLIP's ability to forgive mistakes allows to learn new tricks quickly. 100% wood core and manufacturing with snowboards technology ensure strength and durability. Longer boards in the line-up or WIDE version can be a good choice for 1 board gear-kit version that will cover both stronger and also lighter wind days.


all-round kiteboard Flip


Bright design of the board will not only make you noticeable among others but what is most important will let you find your board if it happens to lose it on water.  With Flip kiteboard you don’t need to worry about staying upwind and can get fun by doing various tricks, this wonderful all-round kiteboard will provide everything what’s necessary for easy and fun riding!  

all round school kiteboard Flip

Riding features of FLIP:

all-round board for all skill levels

medium flex


easy riding and control


good upwind ability

early planing


bright and visible in the water


strength and durability

Technology features of FLIP:

combined 100% wood core

tuned outline shape for better upwind and smooth riding

tunnel concave for earlier planning

reinforced bumper rails

durable anti-scratch top & base cover

various stance positions

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TO BUY DIRECTLY FROM US TURN TO aboards@aboards.eu






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all round kiteboard Flip

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