neoprene coat for kiteboarding and other watersports





Neoprene coat with hood 2.0mm – for various applications – as wind and humidity shield while standing on beach between sessions, as a coat for active leisure on water be it jet-ski, stand-up paddle on anything else. Neoprene coat is made form high quality, stretchy and fast-drying neoprene to ensure that the coat does not accumulate moisture in humid weather conditions and maintains light weight.


Listening to requests of our clients from kite schools and kite instructors we have upgraded our neoprene wind coat with special double zipper opening for harness hook. Possibility to attach chicken loop onto harness without taking off the coat is a nice feature to keep the chill off your body and mind at peace. Not only instructors will enjoy this but also any kiter at short breaks in between the kiting sessions.


 neoprene coat with opening for harness hook


neoprene coat with double zipper opening for harness hook


aboards kiteboarding neoprene coat


Zipper opening for harness hook

Soft inside hood

Phone & key pocket

Large zipper pockets

Free movement back cuts

photos of neoprene coat with opening for harness hook


technology of neoprene coat



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 neoprene clothing for kiteboarding and other watersports


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